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Well-engineered and incredibly strong, Brigade 600 Series laterals from HON are built for the demands of high-activity filing. This steel shelf file is a space-saving, high density solution for records management. The open front gives quick visual access to important records. 

Whether you’re a neat freak who can’t stand a stray document lying out, or your desk looks like a hurricane hit, we all need some organization in our lives. HON file cabinets are the unsung heroes of the workplace. They hold your important documents — and a bunch of other stuff you’ll probably forget about later. But hey, at least it’s out of the way.

You store more than files and papers. You also need space for your bag, coat, running shoes, cookie stash and whatever else keeps you going. HON storage cabinets and towers give you that space without hogging your work area — perfect for private or open offices, breakrooms and common areas.

The vertical file cabinet was born in the 1940s. We know because we’re the ones who invented it. That trivia tidbit aside, HON file cabinets haven’t changed much over the decades. We’ve always built them to sort, store and last over the long haul. And if they’re proven to keep you organized and on task, why mess with a good thing?

Need more storage but don’t want to crowd your workspace? Look to a HON pedestal. This handy little work companion comes in a variety of styles to fit your space. Get one with wheels so you can move it around. Or add a cushion and call it a storage-chair. Store. Move. Sit. Good boy.

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