Your San Diego Friant Dealer!

Your San Diego Friant Dealer!

We are expanding our involvement in Friant cubicles, desking systems, and seating. We have added to our family of URLs and if you want Friant, we want to sell it to you, assemble, it, and/or install it. Come look at our gorgeous gallery of Friant Systems to find your favorite one.
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Herman Miller A02 Cubicles

Herman Miller A02 Cubicles

More than half our life is dedicated to our work. So much of this work IS conducted and transacted within and across this ubiquitous thing called office furniture that we often forget it's even there.

Herman Miller defines quality based on what the customers wants and needs. They design products that help your employees work more comfortably, efficiently, and effectively, in an environment that inspires. Their products not only last, but will continue to look great and adapt to decades of use and reconfiguration.

Now you can get the legendary Herman Miller quality at a great low price with our used stock of Herman Miller A02 cubicles. Go check out these product pages to see what they have to offer.

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They're bringing Desk-y Back

The Marriot chain of Hotels is bringing desks back to their rooms, reports the Casper Star Tribune. The chain eliminated them because of the perception that younger patrons did not need them in the era of cell phones and laptops, but found that travelers disagreed. It seems even in the mobile-centric modern world, people still value a good work space. Check out some of our desk collections to make sure that you are at your most productive whenever you sit down to work.
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Switching between Standing and Sitting is best for your health

Standing desks are gaining popularity, but being able to switch between standing and sitting is the most important factor in good workplace health, according to AJC“A good rule of thumb is to purchase desk that easily adjust between sitting and standing,” says Luca Carr of the University of Iowa. Check out our store for a variety of motorized desks that can switch easily between standing and sitting desks.
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New Website!

Miramar Office Furniture has launched a new website! Take a tour, check out our beautiful product listings and explore our Friant Cubicle Options. All the same products you know will soon be purchasable through our online store.
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What You Need To Know Regarding Your Potential Title 24 Challenges

The most recent update of Part 6 of the California Building Standards Code requirements, known as Title 24, went into effect on  July 1, 2014. The chief objective of the updated policies is increased automation in energy conservation in all building projects within the state that require a building permit. The  new regulations apply to both new construction and to alterations made to commercial buildings.

Among the array of new regulations, the standards for lighting for commercial buildings are the most likely to affect your office. The updated list of requirements for office lighting can seem bewildering, but can be summarized as follows:

  • Lowered Threshold for Compliance: The previous threshold for Title 24 regulations has been lowered. Prior regulations stipulated that any project requiring a permit in which 50% of lighting fixtures would be replaced or modified would trigger Title 24 rules. That has been lowered to projects in which 10% or 40 lighting fixtures will be affected. This does not, however, normally apply to regular maintenance projects.
  • Demand Response Regulations: While prior regulations for demand responsive controls on lighting only applied to retail establishments of 50,000 square feet or more, the current requirements apply to all new commercial buildings over 10,000 square feet. 
  • Lighting Must Be Operated on a Separate Circuit: Lighting systems must be operated via their own circuits separate from all other loads. Lighting circuits must have their own separate, automated controls.
  • Multi-level Controls: New Title 24 requirements include automated multi-level controls on general lighting in spaces of 100 or more square feet. The guidelines require either a minimum of three different levels between on and off or continuous dimming capabilities.
  • Occupancy Sensors: Three new requirements for occupancy sensors will apply to all new projects in the state that require a building permit. First, parking garages will be required to install occupancy sensors that dim or turn off lights in areas that are not in use. Second, general lighting for secondary areas such as library stacks, hallways, staircases, and warehouse aisles will be required to have occupancy sensors that lower the lighting level in areas that are unoccupied, while still maintaining sufficient lighting for safety. Third, hotels will be required to install occupancy sensors that will control HVAC systems as well as lighting in guest rooms.
  • Area Controls: Any space with partitions of ceiling height must have an independent, dedicated control device that is located within the space and is accessible to occupants.
  • Photocontrols for Daylit Areas: Spaces that receive daylight -- such as parking garages -- are required to utilize automated, multi-level photocontrols. There are also now different requirements for primary and secondary zones in daylit areas, and each zone is required to have its own automated controls.

    Miramar Office Furniture can help you ensure that your lighting project complies with Title 24 regulations. We provide consultations on Title 24 guidelines and carry a broad range of compliance products. Send us an email, fill out our contact form, or call us to discuss your office lighting options.
  • Ian Daly