Product Description

KINEX integrates height adjustability, built in power and data, and more options for your open plan environments.

  • Integrated height adjustability and power/data
  • 3 Leg options, including 1-stage (fixed), 2-stage and 3-stage legs with anti-collision functionality
  • Specify as single or double run
  • Soft cable management with 3 duplex option
  • Standard up/down controls or 4-memory preset upgrade
  • Privacy End Panels
  • C-Leg Design

Choose your way to get ACTIV, with multiple styles and options. Dual motor ACTIV-Pro is available with 2- or 3-stage legs in T or C foot styles, and ACTIV-Pro3 is your 90/120 degree option with 3 legs and 3 motors.

  • Standard push button handsets with 4 memory presets
  • Width adjustable bases fit 10 worksurfaces sizes
  • 3F privacy screens clip onto work surfaces or ILINE beam
  • Quiet Motors
  • Ships in 5 days

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